Crystals and Black Magic Rituals

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Crystals and Black Magic Rituals

It is a known fact that crystals are very powerful tools, especially when doing black magick.  They are known for their healing properties as well as their ability to direct and manipulate energy.   They are used in all schools of magick.

Each crystal contains different energies with different properties.  For example, Quartz is a great crystal for removing harmful energies from the human aura, while Malachite is a good crystal to have if you want more money (add malachite to your money spells to increase the amount of money coming to you).

The healing power that crystals carry within them is amazing.  Not just for healing others but healing yourself.  In Black magick it is important to take care of yourself and using crystals can help with that.    Crystals are charged with energy that resonates in an energy field around them.    The crystals are used to absorb the harmful energy from the human aura and transform it into healthy energy.  This can be done simply by carrying around certain types of crystals.

Crystals have also been know to amplify psychic powers and other magickal abilities.   This makes them very useful in black magick rituals and practises. When you add a crystal to your rituals depending on the type of crystal and what you do with it you can increase the effectiveness of your spells.   In some spells just creating a circle of crystals will increase the power of the area and your spell will be that much more effective.  Crystals can be used in any spell or ritual as there is a wide variety.

They say that the paths of Atlantis were lined with crystals and that is how they were able to communicate telepathically.   It is also why they were so powerful and able to control the forces of nature as they did.

In some black magick rituals the spherical crystals of a darker colour can be used as a black mirror.  My black mirror is made out of Rainbow obsidian.  It acts as a perfect gate to other dimensions of the spirit world when I am scrying or using it to access other realms.

When one practises with a black mirror it is amazing how much can be revealed.   I have seen very interesting images, most of which have come to pass.  There are some instances where one can perfectly see into the future with the black mirror.

Another thing crystals are commonly used for in black magic is binding an entity within the crystals to ask of it a favour.  This allows the magician to communicate with the entity.   This method is basically using a crystal for astral evocation.  There are a lot of black magic rituals that speak of binding entities withing crystals.  Why is this? well for starters crystals are very powerful and when their energy is used in the right way, they create a protection shield that can keep the entity contained within it.

Now as much as I am for befriending the entities that one summons, only a fool summons entities without some protection for the first time.  Until you get a feel for the entity always use a protection shield.  Some magician will even say to ALWAYS use the shields.

When the entity is called into the crystal you will be able to see them within it.  It will be like looking into another world as the crystal changes and within it you see the astral plane that the entity has appeared on.   This can only be done though if one has mastered the art of scrying as scrying opens the spiritual eyes.  Entities can only be seen through the spiritual eyes.

It is not just for spells and rituals, even just having them in your house can change the energies in your house.  I have a large collection of crystals that help to keep the energy fresh and clear in my house.  Crystals are like an energy purifying.  They will absorb unwanted energy in your house and release good energy.  I have to clean my crystals at least once an month  to wash away all the unwanted energy they have collected.

Crystals are pretty to look at but they also carry untapped energies that can be used for you magickal practises.  Do not discount them when you are creating your spells.  I would take some time, get a book and read up on them so that you have an understanding of how crystals can impact your life in a positive way.

Here are some of my personal recommendations for great books on crystals…..

Encyclopedia of Crystals

Directory of Crystal Healing

The Crystal Bible

Happy Castings,

Priestess Akelta

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