Free Money Spell

Awakening the Darkness of Divinity

Free Money Spell

Here is a little something that everyone can practise with.  It is a money spell that I have tested in the past and know of it’s efficiency.

What you need……

~3 Green Candles

~A piece of fresh paper and pen

~ A piece of Malachite

~Burn Jasmine, Mint, or Orange essential oils.

Step 1

First, you will want to clear a space to perform the spell.  By clearing a space I mean you want to clean the area and cleanse it of unwanted energies.  If you have your own method then use that one but one that works is going around the room with a smudge stick and using it to purify the house.  A Smudge stick is basically a stick of sage.

Next you will want to purify yourself by taking a shower or bath before preforming the spell.

You will also want to meditate before the spell in order to connect with the spiritual energies.  During the meditation focus on money.

Step 2

Prepare the altar by first getting a diffuser full of the essential oil of your choice and lighting it.  Then in the place that you have selected to perform the spell, place the three candles in front of you in a triangle shape.  Do not light them yet.

On the piece of paper, write out the amount of money that you would like to attain.

In your left hand hold the piece of Malachite.

If you wish you can place in the altar an image of a deity of wealth and money, such as Lakshmi.

Step 3

Stand before the altar you have created and take a moment to connect to the spirits.  Make sure that your entire focus is only on the spell and nothing else.  Light the candles going from left to right and as you light each one say…

“money comes to me”

As you say these words focus on money moving towards you.  Use your mental strength and see the image of the bills moving your way.

Once you have lit all the candles.  Take a deep breath and then in your right hand pick up the piece of paper with the amount of money you wish to attain on it and gaze at it.  Only stare at it and let nothing break your focus.

As you gaze at it say…

“This money is mine

This money of (insert amount) is coming to me

Money moves towards me”

Repeat these lines at least 20 times focusing all the time on money moving towards you.  If you can feel energy feel the energy moving towards you in the form of money.

Continue to focus on the amount and see it moving towards you and surrounding you, say…

“I am surrounded by money”

Repeat this at least 20 times.   Each time say it with more excitement and passion.

See yourself surrounded by money, see the vision of all the money surrounding you.  Get so passionate about it that you can smell and feel the money touching your skin.

Become completely entranced in your vision and live in the moment of the spell.

Step 4

After you have connected to the energy and experienced the money surrounding you, take a deep breath and return to your normal state.  Blow out the candles going from right to left and put the altar away making sure to cleanse the room.  Place the piece of paper somewhere, where you will see it everyday and each time you look at is see the money coming towards you.

The Malachite is also charged and you will want to put it in a safe place.

Cleanse the room again and you are done.

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