Growing pain in Black Magic

Awakening the Darkness of Divinity

Growing pain in Black Magic

In Black Magic,  well, in all forms of magick one strives for enlightenment, power, and connections to the self.  Unlike some books will say,  there is always going to be some painful realizations.  When you start on a journey such as this, it is never an easy thing.  There are always obstacles to overcome and growing pains.

Just remember, Black magicians never give up and will keep striving for mastery…

It is not all bad, there will be moments of sheer bliss, and when one begins true mastery these will come quite frequently, and eventually will always be.   But, in the beginning, stages, it can be rocky.

In Black magic most of these obstacles are never on the outside but on the inside.   In order to be a true Black magician with access to the higher powers and abilities far beyond what you currently think is possible, you need to master YOURSELF.

This is one of the hardest tasks in the world.  Think about it, most of the time people listen to what others tell them to do.  From a child, we have parents, teachers, and people telling us what is good for us and what we need to do.  The child never has a chance to breathe and listen to themselves.   On top of that, we are taught that taking care of ourselves first is selfish and wrong.  How can we take care of anyone if we cannot take care of ourselves?  It is not selfish to put yourself first, it is actually the most selfless thing you can do.  Ponder that one for a while.

We are taught to be the servants, when in reality we need to be the masters.

It can be lonely and scary-looking into yourself and actually listening to what is going on down there.  Gazing into the mind can lead to madness,  that is why some people who walk this path end up in the hospital.   It is essential though.  You must know yourself and strive to do what you want and what you will.  It is your path and only you know what is right for you while walking it.

When you begin to listen to yourself on the inside, you will begin to see the power that you have.  You will become strong and confident and able to overcome all obstacles effortlessly.

Once the mind is mastered, Black magic spells and rituals will be easy for you.   The first stages of any new skill are always hard.  You will be fighting with all your old behaviors,  the hardest part is breaking those behaviors and believing in yourself.   If you love and respect yourself, spells work 10 times better.  When you are connected to yourself and living in each moment you are able to summon more energy inside of you and manipulate the energy around you.   When you learn to Focus 100% on each thing you do during the day the world will appear simpler and you will bend it to your will.

Some things that happen when you begin to grow and experience new, powerful energies is that you can feel like you are on top of the world.  Or you can feel down in the dumps.  These highs and lows happen, even to me.  As long as you keep working towards understanding yourself and growing, then eventually they will end.

If you devote yourself to black magick there will be other trials that you must overcome and trials you must pass.  depending on how far you go some of these are very intense.  Each down you overcome be joyful and know that you have grown from the experience.

It is important when practicing black magick to not push yourself and only do things that you feel comfortable with.  Only do what you feel is right for you and never let anyone talk you into anything you do not want to do.    Always strive to grow, but be mindful of your current state.  You must know yourself and be present with yourself in order to be a successful Black Magician.

Happy Casting,

Priestess Akelta

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