Guided Meditation to Close Sacred Space

This is a very simple meditation that is designed to ground you back to the physical plane. Working with the higher chakras can take us unto the spiritual world and the high vibrational energies can be an ungrounding and empowering experience.

When the work is over though, one needs to ground and integrate what they have learned from their journey. This is a meditation that is designed to close the energies of this journey and help you to ground, integrating everything that you have learned while still keeping the energies of the Universal Chakra Open. 

This guided mediation will allow you to close the working energies while staying connected to your higher energies as you begin to integrate them into your everyday life. When you are completed with Module 4, listen to this meditation to close the energies. 

Enjoy this meditation. In Module 5 we will move to the Soul Chakra and give you the tools you need to embrace it and its power.