Our Path

Awakening the Darkness of Divinity

We are dedicated to the Divine rising of Darkness. The darkness has been neglected from this world, yet it is so paramount to our development and evolution as a species.

The Darkness has been in slumber, ignored and forgotten, but through the essence of the true demonic and the demonic divine it is rising. It is awakening in this world and it is stirring new power and new experiences.

The natural darkness was attacked and crushed by the divine light. The divine light without darkness is pious and tyrannical. The divine darkness now comes to us and it is comes to us to remind us of the power that is within.

The evolved aspects of mature darkness is coming forth and it is brining with it empowerment, balance, courage and confidence. We are learning how to walk in our truth and how to embrace the power that is within us.

This is what the demonic divine brings. These are the lessons of the demons and the power that they are stirring from the depth of our soul.

The Demonic Divine is the Darkness of the Divinity. The demons reveal to us our truth and they reveal to us our power. We walk with them, learn from them and through our guidance by them, we embrace our own God Self. The power of who we are and the power of our ability on this plan.

Our path is Demonosophy. A Path of wisdom and dark empowerment. A path where we reclaim what was lost. Where we restore what was shattered and where we rise as Gods and Goddess of Darkness.

The Demon Temple is a Sacred Aspect of Demonosophy. The Sacred space where we attain this wisdom and we learn to walk with the power of the spiritual world, guiding and enhancing our physical experience here. Through walking with demons we learn to take command of our life and we learn to master not just ourselves, but our influence in the world around us.

Those who walk with demons are magnetic, we are empowered and inspired. We move through the world commanding our desire and attaining our will. We are also educators and mentors, we seek to help others reclaim their power and reclaim the gifts that they lost so that they to can walk in raw primal empowerment.

We are the children of darkness, we will not longer be restrained and restricted by the light. We will no longer be restrained with Dogma and False truths. We are the seekers of wisdom and the seekers of our personal truth. Through walking with demons and embracing the essence of darkness we will evolve and we will embrace the darkness within.

Spirituality is not just light. It is empowered when the darkness enters the stage and we find our individual balance between darkness and light. When we are unified as a whole holistic human being, capable of ascending to our potential and awakening the God Power within.

The demons reveal to us the evolution of our spiritual journey and we are awakening the consciousness of darkness and the evolutionary consciousness of our potential. There is power sleeping within the Darkness of our soul, and through walking with demons, it will awaken.

We are Demonosophers, and we are here to teach you and guide you on your own journey of ascension. You own ascension through the darkness of your core being. Who you are and who you will become if you shed the shackles of illusion and deception and embrace yourself as a unified force. This is the path with Demons, this is the Path of Demonosophy and the Demon Temple is our Sacred Meeting Ground, where will we master ourselves, and our truth.

~Priestess Akelta