Our Philosophy

Awakening the Darkness of Divinity

~We believe that there is darkness and light in everyone. Everyone is an individual and has a different balance. For spiritual clarity and peace it is important that every-one find their personal balance.

~The demons we work with are not the Pagan Gods of Old. The Demons we work with are the next phase of our spiritual evolution. They are the awakening darkness, the divine darkness that is here to restore balance to a Pius and tyrannical light. The world is shifting, demons are awakening and they are brining with balance and empowerment.

~ We believe in the Sacred. What is sacred and what must be cherished. Your spiritual journey is unique and it is sacred and it is something that needs to be defined by you. We can give you the tools and the guidance to help you walk your truth, but the core essence of your truth must be defined by you.

~ We believe in full unification and awakening, honouring and walking with the physical chakras while embracing the power and incredible ability of the upper chakras. We are unified in darkness and light and our vast understanding of the demonic divine is something that

~ We have walked the darkness and awakened the essence of our power and it is through holistic transformation and a deep and empowered understanding of the darkness that this is possible. We have only scratched the surface of the depth of the shadow and our raw potential and it is time to rise. It is time to awaken and walk with power and confidence and the Dark God/Goddess that you are.

~ We know power, the truth of power and how to command the world and earn the respect of the universe and the energies around us and through confidence and power we manifest and craft not just the physical, but also the spiritual world.

~We know our emotions, and we know our minds and we are in control of the complete holistic model of power. You have to know your body, your mind, your emotions and your spirit, as well as your shadow, the 5th element, in order to command with confidence and through the sacred journey of the demonic these aspects will be revealed.

~ We walk with Demons and the Dark Divine, We learn their secrets and we learn how to command the world around us, mastering ourselves and taking control of our experience and our journey here. We will reveal to you advanced methods in matrix manipulation and manifestation so that you can unlock your own mega manifestation skills and completely take control of the world around you. What you desire, is within your grasp. You just need the tools to accomplish it.

~ Priestess Akelta is an ascended Practioner who has awakened and developed the raw power of her 8th, 9th 10th, 11th, 12th and 13th upper chakras, while Priestess Eilana is a Primal Sacred Sorceress who has advanced skill and understanding of the lower chakras, inducing the unspoken, unawakened deep lower chakras, and she has been initiated in the attunements and journeys to awaken and work with them. The combined essence of these chakras makes for a powerful force of raw manifestation and creation and through our methods you will learn how to awaken and embrace your own.

~ It is from the evolution of our essence that all things are possible and that we awaken the greatness within. We will show you the evolution of the human consciousness and the power that is sleeping within you.

~ The training that we are going to be offering in this space is unlike anything you have ever seen, Form our journey and our advanced exploration and working not just with demons but with the primal universal forces of the inner spiritual world we are going to reveal to you how to master your world and master your core power. We will reveal to you the deep secrets of the universe and how to ascend into your darkness. The primal magnetic embrace of your core and the awakening of the inner god/goddess that is within.

~ The world is changing. We have heard the call and it is time to erect the Demon Temple. It is time to bring the sections of the Dark Divine into they world and further the evolution of the planet and the evolutions of the species. The Raw darkness of the Motlen Core is rising and from blending with the demonic Divine, a new path is awakening. the Path of the Dark Divine. The Path of the Ascended Darkness.

~ We are here to teach, we are here to reveal to you these secrets and show you how to master yourself and master your potential. Spirituality and the secrets of the divine are not meant for the sect few. The secret orders that have been designed to keep the population down are crumbling and it is time now to awaken and step into the dark power that is you.

~ Ou philosophy is one of unity, walking with the light and darkness of dignity to find the core balance within. Through this place we awaken power and confidence and we command the world around us with charisma and magnetism. We embrace mature darkness and the evolution of the species through the clutches of darkness. Demons are the Dark Divine and their have risen to empower and inspire our journey and reveal to us the next step in our evolution

~ We are not about going in reverse, we are not about closing off this power that is rising. we are stepping into the challenge and we are commanding it and harnessing it. We are leading the charge through our knowledge and vast experience with working with demons and we are ready to accept the call of the demonic divine, and share what we have learned.

~We believe in education and mentorship. Being guided and inspired by the incredible beings who are of the Demonic Divine. The Demon Lords and Ladies who walk with us and honouring them and embracing the sacred connection that we develop with working with the Demonic Divine.

~ We walk, live and breath this path. It is a part of us and it is through the essence of the Demonic Divine that we are here to serve and reveal the power and the incredible gifts of Demons and the Demonic Divine.