What can Concentration do for you?

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What can Concentration do for you?

People go on about the wondrous things that you can do with magick, so then why do we not see more people doing these amazing things.  It is because only a few know that the secret behind  magick and witchcraft, is Concentration, and training your mind to be focused!

Let me tell you a story of the amazing effects of Concentration.  My step dad is a man who knows how to concentrate he actually claims that it is his attributing feature.

My step dad has an unnatural powerfully ability to focus on anything that he puts his mind to.  He can read at an alarming speed, get work done in half that of the people he works with, and increse his strength and stamina.   All these things are minor compared to what he managed to achieve as a child.

He was at a lake with my grandfather and they were all swimming.  My Step dad was a small child so we was just wading where the water was shallow.  He noticed my Grandfather out in the water and had a desire to go and see his father.

He began to walk out towards his father and the water stayed at the depth which he started which was about an inch deep.  He managed to walk all the way out to his father, who was in the deep water.

When he got there his father gazed at him with a look of shock and amazement and asked  “how are you doing that, the water is over your head?”  At that point my step dad looked down and fell through the water.  My Grandfather had to grab him before he drowned.

I asked my Grandfather about this and he told me that is happened and that to this day he wonders how my step dad was able to pull off this miraculous event.

So how was my step dad able to accomplish walking on water.  It was all concentration.  He was so focused of going out in the water to see his father that he did not even realise the water went over his head.   All he was focused on was his father and getting to him.

The power of his own mind helped him get there.  He held such a strong image of getting to his father that nothing would come between him and that goal, not even deep water.  That is true magick!

There have been recorded events all over the world of people able to shape shift, turn themselves invisible, and walk on water.  Are they fakes? Or do we have the power to harness the forces of the universe and the spirit world to preform these miracles.

I believe so!  as I know one who has accomplished it.   Anyone can attain these goals with enough time and devotion.  The keys to unlocking this great power is Dedication, Practice and Focus.

The faster you learn to master your own mind the faster you will unlock your potential, don’t wait to long to start learning; )

Priestess Akelta.

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