Inner Truth

Spiritual Paths are diverse, it is important to find the path that calls to you and one that returns you to the place that calls to your heart.  It is important to find and embrace your inner truth.  


We walk with demons, the Dark Lords and our personal Demon Companions.  They are our friends and mentors and they inspire us with divine wisdom and guidance.  We honour them as the Gods they are.   

Mind Power

A strong mind can conquer anything. We teach mental mastery and learning internal control through emotional mastery.  Those who cannot be moved by the actions of others are powerful.

Education through Experience

Our Courses are designed to work with you to develop your spiritual foundation while promoting balance and empowerment. We believe in the strength of the self and that darkness is beautiful and a part of this world. Our corses are designed to build up your skill, helping you to connect with the spirit world while staying grounded in the physical, while being guided and receiving insights from the Demons and the Dark Lords.

Working with Demons

Our methods for working with demons are both powerful and respectful. Form powerful allys and connections learning to walk with the Dark Lords and learn their wisdom.


Psychic Development

Our powerful courses help develop your psychic senses so you can trust your power and embrace your briliance.  Psychic powers are our birthright and we want you to reclaim them.  


Astral Projection

Come embrace the profound and amazing world of the Astral.  Learn techniques for not only getting out, but also traveling and harnessing the power of your astral body.  


The Shadow

Learn to walk with your shadow, and embrace the depth of your soul.  Shadow work is powerdul and transformational.  It can free you and show you the truth that is within.  


Spiritual Foundation

Our Spiritual Foundation is specially created from our years of research walking and embracing the many dangers of the spiritual world.  WIth a strong spiritual foujndation at your side, no harm can come to you.


Magick and Sorcery

Magick and Sorcery has been a part of our cutlrue since the dawn of civilization.  The techniques and skills needed to weave the universal energies to your will and cast powerful and incredible skills.  Our methods of spell casting are powerful and are for anyone to learn.  


Demonic Alchemy

Alchemy is the abilty to transmute and trnasforms ojects and energies to what you desire.  Demonic Alchemy shows you how to harness the eneriges of the world aorund you and transform yours life into Gold.  


Advanced Development

Our methods and techniques take you beyond the laws and limitations of the Universal Realms.  We take your essence to the God realms and help you to awaken the essence of the Divine God within you.  You walk this world as God of your life.  


Our Path with Demons

A Path Built on Passion and Commitment

Walking with demons can be a very empowering and challenging joruney. Our goal is to show you how to balance yourself, your life, and your spirituality so that you can safely work with these amazing divine beings, while living the life of your dreams.



We believe there is dakrness and light and they must be balanced.

To understand yourself, you much know both sides, the dark and the light. This is where wisdom comes from, knowing what is in the soul, accepting it and understanding how it impacts you.


We live this path and want to help you.

We are committed to raising the spiritual consciosuness of the planet through the balance of darkness and light, the restoration of dark divine wisdom, and creating powerful leaders for the future.  

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Latest Articles

Articles written by our coven are a wealth of information to help you on your path and to help you to awaken the greatness that is within.  Remember you are bold, you are beautiful and you are powerful! 

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